Daddy I have to stop missing you now.

Daddy I still can’t move. I can’t start. I’m unable to decide.

Is it because I miss you?

Its time daddy. You have to kick me under the butt now okay. I have to be me again.

Okay I’m going to dry my tears now and go to sleep. And when I wake up I have to stop missing you just a little bit okay.

Coz I have wedding to plan and promises to honor.

I wish you could be here to help me decide on my dress. Each one I put on I miss you more. I know you would have put up a major fuse about it.

Nope, I don’t know these things go ask your mum or your sister.

And I would beg you need to atleast look and then you would be lost telling me exactly which one. And would have been proud to wear it daddy.

But now I need the strength to go and find that dress you would have loved as much as I do. So help me out and okay.

I love you! Rest in peace Daddy!