Happy to be back!

He came running in this afternoon to great me! I was so happy to see him smile again.

It has been a very long two weeks passed. 

Shortly after my son fell ill I lost my beloved father in a motorbike accident. The day before the funeral I almost lost my sister to an allergic reaction to local anesthetic. It has been a very difficult time for all of us. 

But I must say that in all my life I have never seen the work and mercy of God as I have this past two weeks. He has made his precense know. He has saved my family and even taken my family. But trough all of it he has given us the strength and the will to carry on in his name and not give up!

I thank God everyday for the mercy he showed my father. His life might have been taken but had he lived he would not have wanted to survive. 

It kills me when I have to think about what’s next now that he’s gone. Then I think of my mom and I forget all my pain. Her pain is so much worse. 

I ask God to please be with us all in these times. Help us to see past the hurt and learn to move forward again.

Deepest thanks.

I would like to thank everybody that has sent their condolences and also those whom have prayed for our family.

Thank you very much and may God be with you. May he bless you.

My son has regained his health as much as to be able to go back to school. He missed it so much that when I woke him for school he could barely get dressed fast enough. He rushed me to the car and almost forgot his own school bag. At school I had to call him twice just to get a halfway kiss goodbye.

After school he was so happy. He smilled from ear to ear. I hope he stays happy now.