Liewe Jesus se Winkel.

I am sobbing as I write this…

I wasn’t sure if my youngest son (4) had understood when I first told him that Oupa has passed away. So I have watched and listened closely, in case he needed guidens. 

Instead he’s been the pillar I was sent to leen on. 

He came to me with those big blue eyes and I had to choke back the lump in my throat… 

Kom ons almal uit Liewe Jesus se winkel uit?

  • Ja my liefie almal van ons. Elke een.

Oupa se bike was stukkend en oupa is by die winkel want hy het net seer gekry en sy hartjie is nou stukkend en Liewe Jesus gaan hom net reg maak, dit gaan net so many hours vat!

He squeezed his eyes tight and showed me all he’s fingers. My heart sank. 

  • Jy is reg my liefie, maar oupa se hartjie is nou heeltemal stukkend so hy gaan nou vir altyd by Liewe Jesus se Winkel bly, Liewe Jesus gaan hom vir ons oppas.

He turned and walked out under the stars. I am not sure how he knows but it shocked me. He looked up with those big blue eyes…

Nity oupa. Nity Liewe Jesus

I was fighting hard not to break. He came back and said goodnight I squeezed him tight when I saw the tears in his eyes, and told him I loved him, before he ran of again.

Love you oupa, ek mis jou.

He said to the stars as he ran off. I sobbed the moment he went inside. My heart was shattered. 

I pray, Please Liewe Jesus, bless my little boys heart. Thank you for helping him deal with this loss so bravely. Amen!