Daddy I will miss you! 10/03/2017

It was the coldest morning this year. I woke to the screams of my sister. Daddy was in an accident she’s screaming. I jumped out of bed and ran. I remember yelling at her to watch my child. My mom and I grabbed what we thought they should need. Medical aid card. His heart pills. We drove at a speed I have never seen my mom do. Honestly I didn’t even know my mom could drive like that.

A hundred meters before the accident scene I received a call telling us its to late. We still rushed forward. I could go straight away I stood behind the ambulance for a minute before I walked barefoot over the tarmac to where my father lay. 

I sat down next to my mom and we sat next to his cold body for 5 hours waiting for them to take him away. I was so cold for 3 days I stayed cold. 

I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to support my mom and not brake before her. Daddy I’m sorry I couldn’t cry by your body. Mommy needed me. 

I miss you daddy. I kept wishing it was all a dream. But it not!

We will all miss you daddy. I hope you find the peace and happiness you seek on the otherside.