Mommy will always be here!

Little Brian Clark(4). First morning at home with the breathing machine.

Please pray with us in these difficult times.

Yesterday morning around 1 o’clock in the morning me and my husband woke from our beds to the awful sound of my 4 year old son chocking. I rushed to his bed to find him blue in his face. Chocking on his own flem. We rushed him to hospital immediately.

We first toke him to Len Med hospital in Randfontien. They send me away clutching my barely breathing baby boy. Even after saying I would pay the bill they send me away because I didn’t have medical aid.

We then toke him to Laratong hospital on the outskirts of Randfontien and Krugersdorp. This is one of the most overflowing hospitals in South Africa. As soon as I walked in they helped me. The put my boy on breathing machines for 4 hours before they to had to send me away to free up bedspace for more critical patients.

I want to thank the pediatric staff at Laratong Hospital for their grate assistant and support. Before sending me away they suggested I buy my son a NUBE mist machine to help him breath till he gets better. They also said that I should have him checked for asma. They apologized for not being able to do more for me.

When we got home it was already early hours of the morning. My eldest was just getting up for school. The shock on my eldest boys face when he realized he brother had just come from hospital send shivers through the pit of my stomach. I pray to God never to see that again.

I kept them both home and had them go to the doctor together. The doctor found that my youngest has a lung infection. He showed me how to set up the machine, gave us some medicine and sent us home.

I haven’t let my son out of my site. I have barely slept. And now I pleed with you to help us pray for our son’s health please. It brakes my heart to see him like this. Please help us pray for our son.