Pizza’s: A meal the whole family can make!

Mommy doesn’t always have to cook alone! Its tradition in our house to have Pizza’s at least twice a month! I’m not saying you should spend hundreds on going out. We get the family together early in the afternoon. We all wash up and start chopping and grating away at the various toppings. My boys can’t wait to build there own pizza.

The toping’s you see here is a simple cost pizza my boys are young and fussy about what they eat. My youngest will only eat fried chicken vianas and bacon on his pizza.

Your shopping list is up to you.

  • We once made these pizza’s for as little as R80. And sometimes we spend R500.
  • We have a set list that I buy every month and I don’t have to go back to town.
  • This is all up to you but here is what I used.

Makes 4.

  • 1 x pak of pizza bases, with tomato past or sauce and origami.
  • Diced bacon, fried with garlic till just crisp
  • Sliced Chicken vianas, slightly fried till just brown
  • 1x Mozzarella cheese (500g.We love our cheese)
  • 1x Cheddar or Goude cheece (500g)
  • Doritos opptional. 


  • Get everybody in the kitchen if the kitchen is to small do it in the dinning room or wherever you can get the whole family together.
  • Give each one a task to grate chop fry.
  • Talk have fun.
  • Let each one pack his pizza starting from the youngest.
  • Put a family cartoon like frozen on.
  • Enjoy a fantastically fun meal.