A choice of chopping boards

When my husband took me to go buy a chopping board I was stunned.

There are many different types of chopping boards. They come in different shapes and sizes. Each individual has his or her preference.

Boards for chopping and cutting are available in wood, laminated board, polythene or toughened glass.

I took one of each as I cut and chop many different things and don’t want there flavors to co-inside. You surly don’t want your carrots to tast like onions.

This doesn’t mean you have to do the same so here are some options.

Wooden boards

Polythene boards

1. Wooden boards – Wooden boards are mostly made from oiled beech and they come in diffrent shapes and sizes. I use the ones with the coloured handels for easier identification. A medium-sized board is perfect for domestic use and easiest to clean and store.

I find that the wooden boards are the best – they don’t slip of the counter top and your knives don’t slip or blunt on a wooden board. 

2. And 3. Polythene boards – These also come in a verity of shapes and sizes and a huge range of difrent colours. They are not as thick as the wooden boards so they are eaisier to store. Although these boards have a tendincy to slip of the counter top.

If a polythene board does slip put a damp dish cloth underneath it to stop it from moving around.

Store all chopping boards in a well ventilated area so that they can keep dry and smelling fresh.

Using your boards

  • Try to always use difrent boards for cutting and trimming raw and also cooked meat, poultry and vegetables.
  • Always keep a board for fresh fish. If you can’t then cover your board with newspaper then greaseproof paper before you start to scale, gut ant fillet.
  • It is ideal to keep a small board for strong smelling items like garlic and onions. And have another for preparing fruit.

Cleaning your boards

  • NEVER immerse your wooden boards in water as this will cause them to warp and split – these spilts make an ideal breeding ground for germs.
  • Always wash your boards in hot soapy water then rince under cold water and dry well – remember to store them in a well ventilated area
  • To avoid your boards from smelling occasionally sprinkle with some bicarbonate of soda. Leave this on for about 10 minutes then rince and dry well. When you done rub your wooden boards lightly with some vegetable oil

Microban antibacterial chopping boards

A tip – A recent advance in chopping boards is the Microban antibacterial chopping board. The plastic that the board is made from is inpregnated with a safe but strong disinfectant during the manufacturing process. As it never washes out, it goes on killing any bacteria that try to grow on the board throughout its working life.