Planing a three course meal is not easy. Getting that dinner party perfect… Even more so!

Whether for a croud or a couple. Just you or a lovely family meal.

Even cocktail’s and snacks can become a messy situation.


I have set out to help you. I will share my techniques and even in-house tips and tricks.

With my selection of well themed three course meals and beverage you will be the talk of the town at every dinner party.

I dare you to amaz!

It started when…

Like any love story I met my soul mate and soon we wanted to make it last forever… I was told,

“Every girl should at least plan her dream wedding before tying the knot”

So I did… But I,… I have been planing for 5 and half years now.

You see… It turned out I knew nothing about  choosing the right flavour and beverage. I always heard people in shows talk about the way these work together. And here I am wanting to have a massive wedding but yet I had no idea what goes best with salmon or if I should consider more cheese for the wine lovers…. I was totally bummed…

I wanted every detailed remembered… I wanted people to talk about it forever…. And not just the dress…

So I am a South African citizen. Born and raised in the low budged but love to spend towns that are just far enough away from the major city’s that you may say… 

I think I have been there!

In these parts they think brunch is the green stuff that goes on your roll.

I swore not to be this clueless and set out on my mission.

I found millions of recipes but the problem remained.

After a lot of…

Dedication… Inspiration… Creation… & Imagination

I can finally share with you a solutions to my problem!

It has been an inspiring journey so far come and join me create the future in party menu’s


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